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Welcome to the pages of the Shadowrun SRD20 roleplaying game!

by MustrumRidcully and TheClone

The Shadowrun SRD20 Roleplaying game is based on the d20 modern SRD20. It refers only to the standard rules, not to the "Arcana", "Menaces" and "Future" settings, unless stated explicitly otherwise.

Note: The old rule pages in German are still avalable here:

The rules consist of the following pages:

The following are still in German:


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Shadowrun Disclaimer:

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Open Gaiming License:

The material on these pages is based on the d20 Modern SRD, as published by Wizards of the Coast. The material published on these pages is also published under the Open Gaming License.

The authors of these pages will be pleased when you inform then about your usage of this material. This is not to track the contents, but to see how this rules inprire others roleplayers and to help building up a community around the SR d20 RPG.